Why Training With a Coach Is The Best Thing You Can Do, If You Are Serious About Your Future

In Motivation by Polina

“I don’t need to train with a coach now, the gyms are closed, I do not have equipment, I am just doing some workouts on YouTube”
This is what I was told the other day, and it makes sense.

That’s if your goal is to stay where you are, doing what you know and are comfortable with.

Now, if you want to make progress – even in these strange times, if you dislike going in circles without progress, if you are thinking ahead and you know how you want to see yourself in six months time, then you are not going to waste time now waiting for the gyms to open, waiting for the right time, for that elusive motivation to start learning and practicing things you want in your life. Do you see yourself training regularly and voluntarily, cooking quick healthy meals, sleeping well and waking up energised and excited for the day, smashing the day tasks with confidence and no anxiety? Stop rolling, start learning and practicing.

And if you are serious about what you want for yourself – you 💯 need a coach.

Working with a coach sets your responsibilities and priorities right – you are training to understand, learn, feel, remember, not be present yet switched off, so you are much more likely to look after yourself sleep and food-wise, and as a result, to be able to focus and function well.
When a coach tells you “Here is what you need to practice” – you practice it, and if your are struggling, your coach will find a way to help you, however hard it is, however long it takes. A coach will never ever give up on you.
Working with a coach is like being looked after by your bossy, slightly nutty but great fun grandparent – you simply cannot go wrong! You might get a slap for slacking off or misbehaving but you’ll will always be picked up, consoled and set back into gear.

That’s what good coaches do.

That’s why people work with good coaches for years and achieve results.

That’s why a) don’t be scared to invest in coaches – after all, you are investing in yourself; b) it’s important you like your coach and can talk to them about anything.

When a YouTube workout finishes – it’s done and dusted, whether you have results, understand what you are doing, etc. So if you are happy with YouTube workouts and the progress you are getting – amazing, stay with the videos until (insert your condition), some people have great body awareness and tenacity, and learn very well from videos.

If you are thinking about yourself, want to shake all this lethargy off, feel great, start getting compliments on how well you look and sound, and you don’t want this personal progress depend on the number of lockdown weeks announced in the media, then start now – fill in the form below or drop me a DM via @meanfitfoxes and let’s get you started!

P.S. I am a coach. And I train with a coach!