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Training with Polina has been immense. She provides almost 24/7 support and encouragement, is enthusiastic and makes training fun.

Everything we do is goal focused, and she has taught me a great deal in a short amount of time regarding nutrition and exercise.

Training with Polina has helped me be more efficient in my workouts, I am eating well, lots and enjoying my food, and therefore I feel like I have more energy. I can’t recommend her highly enough

- Laura Taborn


Beautiful, talented and professional. I was going to the gym doing things without any directions until I approach Polina for coaching sessions. Best decision I have ever made, she works the entire body from the core, educated me on my diet of which I snap to her. I was motivated and soon started seeing result.

I have moved from 107 kg to 98.9 and still going. With her as a coach, I was put in the right direction, I can carry on when she isn't around and also use the gym more sensible. I feel great still losing weight, thanks Polina for being a great coach.

- Coreen Winter


I worked with Polina for a period of five months and had a great time while achieving amazing results. I had never had a PT before, let alone tried weightlifting, but was thrilled to get to a point where I can be confident in a gym environment and feel strong and capable.

I did a mixture of weights and circuits in my sessions, but they are personally tailored to your own goals and needs, which suited me as I am also a marathoner carrying a few injuries. Polina is great at advising on nutrition and supplements etc too, and is always available on the end of the phone. It’s only because I am moving away that I sadly have to stop my sessions with her!

- Emma Roberts


I was never really into playing sports or going to the gym as I never really enjoyed it.

A few years ago I joined the gym for a number of personal and health reasons, but still couldn't really find any particular activity I liked - I found classes quite dull and repetitive. I have had so many friends show me pictures of fit-fluencers saying they wanted to look like them, and that never sat right with me, it wasn't what I wanted. When I saw Polina's 'strong not skinny' poster and it was honestly like a lightning bolt moment. That's what I wanted. I wanted to be strong.

I never fully anticipated getting to where I am now. I didn't realise what weightlifting had the ability to do - two years down the line and my life feels so much more structured. I feel more confident, and not just in the gym. More confident in myself, my abilities, my own strength and most importantly more confident in my mental resilience. I found something to focus on, something that forced me to be more disciplined and encouraged me to eat properly and address long standing sleep issues. I wanted to be good at it, and to be good at it I had to do these things.

I know a lot of people suggest exercise to aid with mental health and for a lot of people that maybe isn't the answer but for me it has really helped with focus and as a positive outlet for stress and anger. It won't make my problems go away but helps me to come to terms with them. I'm calmer and just feel better within myself.

I'm proud of myself and how strong I have become. I'm excited to see how far I can go and to keep reaching new peaks, to keep learning and pushing myself to new limits. I may have met my goal of getting stronger, but I'm not finished yet.

- Jaeh Ranautta-Sambhi


C’est à partir de mes 24 ans (j’en ai 30ans) que je décide de commencer à faire du sport alors que j’étais en surpoids. Je commence par faire du fitness, ensuite j’ai pris une coach.
J’ai réussi à perdre le poids que je voulais mais j’étais obsédée par ça, je culpabilisais vite, j’avais peur de reprendre et je ne prenais pas vraiment de plaisir à pratiquer un sport.

Et Polina entre dans ma vie. Elle m’apprend tellement de choses, comment le corps fonctionne, m’aide énormément moralement et émotionnellement, à avoir une meilleure vision de moi. Polina a toujours les bons mots pour te remotiver que ce soit pour les séances ou dans la vie en générale.

Elle m’a fait découvrir et aimer l'haltérophilie. Ce sport m’a aidé à être fière de moi, m’a permis d'être en bonne condition physique (force et mobilité) et je m’en rend compte dans ma vie de tous les jours.

Grâce à Polina et à l’haltérophile, je prends du plaisir à faire du sport. Je ne suis plus obsédée par mon poids, je ne culpabilise plus dès que je fais un écart alimentaire.
Dès que je suis devant ma barre, je me retrouve en compétition avec moi-même. J’ai une force qui arrive, je sais que je peux le faire et je vais m'entraîner jusqu'au moment où j'y arrive !

- Noella Gloux

I love training with Polina. She has encourage me to have a healthier lifestyle and reminded me to look after myself. I absolutely enjoy our 121 sessions, the team sessions and the community she has developed.
I started training with Polina more than 6 months ago. At the time, I was in a difficult period of life: heartbroken, I didn't pass for the second time a qualification at work, I moved to a new place, and I felt that I needed to get some certainty in my life. I asked a close friend (who has a healthy lifestyle that I admire a lot) if she knew a personal trainer that would understand and connect with me and she recommended me Polina.
I booked a 1:1 session by donating to a charity that supports suicide prevention. That first impression before meeting, of her caring about mental and not only physical health was reassuring.
Rosalba G
Time has passed since then and I must admit that I have experienced many “first times”: first time weightlifting, first time training with a PT, first time going by myself to the gym, first time thinking “I could use those gym clothes too”, first time beating every excuse I could come with and just start exercising, first time eating cavolo nero and for first time in my life I have focused more in feeling well rather than looking skinnier.
Polina loves what she does and transmit that to you. She pushes you to try, to break your own walls and joins you in your trip, she doesn’t leave you navigating by yourself. She cares, she follow-up and she knows how to better support you.
I trust her would recommend her to all my friends and family members

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