Fitness Training For Foxes Of All Shapes & Sizes

Meanfitfoxes - Fitness Training For Foxes Of All Shapes & Sizes

Learn to love and look after the body you’ve been given and gain health, energy and positivity

At Meanfitfoxes our mission is to empower women into taking charge of their health, fitness and confidence.

I meet so many women who feel intimidated by the “perfect” women portrayed in the press, who get confused by so many articles on diets (a lot of which are unrealistic), exercise and working out that they feel helpless and never start the path to being a better, fitter and healthier.

So find out more. Explore the Meanfitfoxes website, watch our videos, read our blog and most importantly, get started!

All the best,
Polina (Chief Fox @ Meanfitfoxes)

The Meanfitfoxes Method

Our Three Step Process To Improve Your Fitness And Nutrition

High Octane Conditioning

When it comes to cardio, 20 minutes on the cross trainer is, well, kind of old fashioned thinking! There are much more effective ways of helping our hearts and lungs get stronger and healthier, and they're much more fun too.

Once we help you reach a decent level of conditioning we go up a gear or two and use High Intensity Interval Training to really boost your fitness and fat loss potential.

We use rowing machines, Battle Ropes, hill sprints and kettlebells to make it fun too. Well, it's fun when it finishes 🙂

Weight Training

Weight training is *the* single most effective way for women to redefine their bodies. It's as simple and straightforward as that. If you want a strong, sexy physique that looks good and performs better, you have to lift weights.

The problem is, a lot of women lift weights wrong. If you find yourself sitting at the leg extension machine or doing tricep extensions with dinky little dumbbells, you're not going to get the benefits of your training. Learn to lift properly and you'll find yourself with a beautiful physique that is as agile and strong as it is hot to look at!

Improve Your Nutrition

Ladies, we need to stop dieting! Stop depriving ourselves of food simply because a magazine told us to.

Diets rarely work in the long run as they focus on what not to eat, on temporary restriction. The best way to improve our nutrition and our health is to focus on what we do eat and make it healthier and tastier than what we're eating at the moment.

Have a look around our blog for inspiration on what to eat, why you should eat it, and ideas on how to eat it!



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