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Training with Polina has been immense. She provides almost 24/7 support and encouragement, is enthusiastic and makes training fun.

Everything we do is goal focused, and she has taught me a great deal in a short amount of time regarding nutrition and exercise.

Training with Polina has helped me be more efficient in my workouts, I am eating well, lots and enjoying my food, and therefore I feel like I have more energy. I can’t recommend her highly enough

- Laura Taborn


Beautiful, talented and professional. I was going to the gym doing things without any directions until I approach Polina for coaching sessions. Best decision I have ever made, she works the entire body from the core, educated me on my diet of which I snap to her. I was motivated and soon started seeing result.

I have moved from 107 kg to 98.9 and still going. With her as a coach, I was put in the right direction, I can carry on when she isn't around and also use the gym more sensible. I feel great still losing weight, thanks Polina for being a great coach.

- Coreen Winter


I worked with Polina for a period of five months and had a great time while achieving amazing results. I had never had a PT before, let alone tried weightlifting, but was thrilled to get to a point where I can be confident in a gym environment and feel strong and capable.

I did a mixture of weights and circuits in my sessions, but they are personally tailored to your own goals and needs, which suited me as I am also a marathoner carrying a few injuries. Polina is great at advising on nutrition and supplements etc too, and is always available on the end of the phone. It’s only because I am moving away that I sadly have to stop my sessions with her!

- Emma Roberts

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Personal Training - the best option for intensive 1 - 1 sessions with nutrition planning, expert coaching and training planning.

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