3 things to get you through festivities feeling good

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10-15 minutes exercise every morning – keep it vigorous, get it out of the way before you shower and do your hair. It will get your circulation and metabolism going, burn calories, tone the right places, energise you for the day ahead, and, most importantly, eliminate any guilt if gym appears out of reach.

Cut down on snacks – they are waiting for you wherever you go: office, friends’ places, even shops! Mince pies, biscuits, mini cakes… And that’s in addition to festive dinners, lunches and alcohol. It is not about being polite anymore. Gone are the days when Quality Street had quality and was considered a treat, so why have it? If snacking, choose something that works for you – a tangerine, a slice of good cheese, nuts.

Eat more veg – increase veg and probiotics you have during your non-festive meals. Benefits are better digestion and feeling fuller for longer, which help curb cravings and decrease snacking. Choosing Christmas menu home? Review the traditional accompaniments to your roast, there are many great recipes that turn old school sprouts and carrots into amazing dishes you wish you knew about earlier!

Whatever you do – the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, so if you really want that cupcake then have it and enjoy it! Do not beat yourself up the next day, instead do your 15mins exercise routine 🙂 Any day is good for exercising and improving your diet but Christmas only comes once a year, enjoy it!