Big Bang Exercises – The Kettlebell Swing, revisited

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(Decided to do a more in-depth tutorial after working with a couple of clients who wanted to train at home, check out the tutorial!)


The kettlebell swing is one of my favourite conditioning exercises. A great way to develop strength, anaerobic capacity and speed, which translates to a toned posterior, fat burning for days and a body that works as well as it looks 😉

Take it easy, if you’ve never done this sort of training. Work on your goblet squats and RDL’s, then do a few reps for SPEED. Each rep must be powerful and fast.

Once you can do them explosively, perform as many reps as you can, with good form, in a 15 second set. Typically, you’ll be able to do ten reps but work up to this if you need. Rest for 45 seconds. Then repeat. Do this for 10 minutes. This will total, on average, 100 reps.

Once you hit this target, do the same but train for 15 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Do this for 5 minutes. Again, this will total 100 reps but you’ll have done it in half the time! The training effect will be dramatic. You’ll get toned arms, shoulders and back. You’ll have buns of steel and you’ll have a greatly increased work capacity.

Key teaching points

  • Lower back remains flat AT ALL TIMES
  • The action is mainly a hip hinge, with some knee bend. This engages your glutes and hamstrings as the prime movers and source of power.
  • This is a speed exercise. Power!

Most importantly, you’ll feel like a total badass Fox!