Why Dance Fitness Classes Are A Great Way To Catch Your Fitness Bug

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I think most of us ladies, irrespectively of our backgrounds and fitness-related experiences, at some time in our lives have thought to ourselves…this is it, I have to do something, I have to pull myself together and start exercising.

When this time comes the most important thing is to find something that

  • requires minimal change of your daily regime (distance, time of the day, etc)
  • provides with peer support (training with a friend, team sports, etc)
  • most importantly – give you JOY!

That’s why nothing beats joining aerobic and dance-based group classes as a start-off point on one’s fitness journey 🙂

Walk into any exercise to music class and you’ll see it doesn’t matter who you are, what size and shape – everyone smiles, everyone shakes, everyone sweats and goes woohoo to the beat! You join in, try the moves, struggle with coordination, feeling rusty, then, few minutes into it, as the heart rate goes up together with the music, you realise you’ve still got it, hell yeah, wiggle those hips, baby! A huge positivity wave coming from the group supports and carries you. You aren’t alone with your awkward body anymore, and awkwardness vanishes anyway!

Remember, any step or move are just that – a step or a move. They only seem difficult the first time you try them. Our motor skills develop super-quickly, we just forget to challenge them on the regular basis. In fact, it’s good to feel awkward and somewhat embarrassed – it means you are learning, developing, growing! Two-three sessions and you’ll go like a pro! And ten sessions in you’ll start looking into other classes to see what else you can try. You know why? Because you’ll grow confident! Zumba to BodyPump to HIIT to kettlebells – it’s an ongoing, fun, energetic and very fulfilling journey! Everyone needs a little shimmy in their life 🙂

Onward and upward, foxy Foxes! See you at the Groove Fit on Wednesdays and at Fox Fit on Mondays :-*