Dance Magic, Dance!

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It’s that time of year again when celebs dress up in spandex and pink feathers, build up their spray-tan shade to clementine, lose pounds and stones – all to entertain us. And you know what? We love it – the glitter, flamboyance, drama and magic of the dancefloor!

Yes, Strictly is on the box, and on Saturday nights our toes start tapping, backs get straighter and we get that urge to check out a dance class or two. Choose right, and you will catch the dancing bug that will stay with you forever, giving you a great cardiovascular boost, improved posture, toned muscles all over, and, most importantly, make you feel so much better about yourself!

Dancing is a great way to get yourself active, and, unlike the gym, is inherently sociable!

So if you want to indulge in a Charleston, glide through a Foxtrot, work up a sweat in a Jive or try moonwalking, here in London, we have a fantastic range and variety covering all aspects of dancing.

Dance For Lovers
Ooh, the Tango. A sensual intertwining of limbs across the dance floor to the sultry music, the time stops, great dance for couples to learn but also fab for individuals – gentlemen learn to lead confidently and ladies, perhaps reluctantly, learn to follow.

Dance For Fun
Dancing is fun, but swing dancing and jive are just <FUN. There’s something so evocative about the music, the mood, that just whisks you back to the forties and fifties. Those with two left feet need not worry – swing-twist-jive comes naturally to all!

Dance For Exercise
Any dance style you can think of, just join in and dance like no one is watching. You can even rave at 6:30am!

Dance For Elegance
Who would not want to swirl in a Viennese Waltz or fly Quick-Stepping across the ballroom? Hollywood, glamour, classy tunes – ballroom dances will never go out of fashion. Once learned, you will feel at home at any party, be it a friend’s wedding or a New Year’s Ball at Claridge’s!

So get your glad rags on, put your best foot forward, then dance, have fun and get fitter at the same time!