Exercises for a perfect posture. The Hip Thrust

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We’ve been focusing a lot on the upper body for our #PerfectPosture series so today we concentrate on thing a bit further down.

Strengthening your glutes (AKA your backside) helps you stand up properly and it counteracts the effects of sitting too long. You’ll also develop a shapely rear which is always a nice bonus šŸ™‚

Watch the video below for how to do them. This is the single leg variant. If you need to make it easier (and it is tougher than it looks) plant both feet on the ground

You can also make it harder by holding a dumbbell on the same side as the working leg

PS. You might have spotted the similarity between hip thrusts and hip bridges. The difference is hip thrusts have the shoulders or the feet elevated. This creates a different pivot and load point. The hip thrust is also harder and from my own testing, delivers better results.