Exercises For A Perfect Posture – YTWL

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I’m a bit obsessed with upper back training at the moment. It’s for a combination of reasons I think.

Firstly, it’s great for improving my posture. If you’re like me, hovering over a keyboard throughout the day, working out your upper back is just so important. It pulls the shoulder blades back and gets rid of hunched shoulders.

Secondly, it strengthens and stabilises your shoulders. Your shoulders are quite fragile joints, I meet so many people who have shoulder issues that could all be prevented if they were stronger and had a better range of motion.

Finally, sleek and toned upper backs are kinda hot, YTWL’s will make you look fabulous whenever you decide to wear a backless dress 😉

They can also be done against a wall or freestanding.

Against a wall is the best place to start if you’ve never done these before as it gives feedback on optimal alignment.

Stand facing away from the wall and make sure that your upper back and butt are against the wall. Push your lower back as close to the wall as possible.

Lift your arms up so that the backs of your hands are against the wall and slide your arms diagonally upwards. Once your arms are fully extended you should look like the letter Y. Exhale.

Inhale and slide your arms straight down until they are perpendicular to the ground and you look like the letter T. Exhale.

Inhale and flex your elbows and pull them down until your hands are roughly level with your shoulders. You should look like the letter W. Exhale.

Finally, inhale and lift your upper arms until they are perpendicular to the ground and you look like the letter L. Exhale.

Repeat the sequence for as many reps as possible.

Here’s a video demo and picture of the sequence