Exercises For A Perfect Posture – Band Pull Aparts

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Carrying on my series of posture fixers, we come to the band pull apart. This is ideal for anyone hunched over a keyboard all day as it strengthens the rear delts and upper back, muscles that keep your shoulders pulled back.

It also develops that sleek, toned back that we ladies all want to get which is also a bonus!

Band Pull Aparts

  • Hold a light exercise band in between your hands
  • Keep the arms straight, with a slight (very slight) bend in the elbows
  • Pull the band apart as far as you can, initiate the movement from the shoulders, and hold the position for a count of 3, then slowly return to the start position
  • Keep your head neutral, there’s a head pecking reflex which we want to avoid
  • This is one of the few exercises I recommend going light (you should be able to open your arms through the full range of motion) and for high reps, I recommend anything up to 20 reps and do a few sets throughout the day