Fun Fitness Stuff To Do With…part 1

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Starting a new series of blog posts about fun stuff to do for training. Fun is cool, fun is important and fun is a motivator. After all, girls just wanna have fun, and if you can have fun in the gym you’ll go more often!

This week I’ll share a fun thing to do on a TRX. You’ve likely seen them around the gym, you might even have one at home but in case you haven’t, the TRX is a suspension training system. It allows for an incredible freedom of movement, challenging your body to keep itself stable whilst doing exercises. I love it.

I love this exercise as it challenges your core and your back muscles – so if you’re looking to get that slinky, foxy silhouette you’ll want to give this a go and add it to your routine

Inverted TRX rows.

  • Keep your abs engaged and squeeze your glutes to maintain a straight lower back.
  • Put your “shoulder blades into your back pocket” – pull them back and down towards your hips. This helps engage your lats and the serratus anterior muscles (along your ribs), which keeps your shoulders safe and strong
  • Pull with your back, not just your arms. This will give you more power to your elbows and make the exercise much effective.
  • Control the descent, don’t rely just on gravity, it should feel like you’re pushing away from the top position
  • Keep your head and neck as relaxed as possible. You can’t relax it fully otherwise your head will flop about but just have enough tension to keep your head level.

Here’s two videos of TRX rowing.

The beginner level

And the advanced – laughing optional 🙂