Fun Fitness Stuff To Do With Part 2

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Part two of a new series of blog posts about fun stuff to do for training. Fun is cool, fun is important and fun is a motivator. After all, girls just wanna have fun, and if you can have fun in the gym you’ll go more often!

More fun stuff to do with a TRX, this time focusing on our favourite part of our body, our abs! Okay, maybe we aren’t that happy with them, even though we might do endless crunches and planks.

Well, that might be why we aren’t happy with our abs – crunches and planks are all kind of last century for effectiveness when core training. If you plank for minutes on end without adding to the intensity you’re wasting your time.

Learn to up the intensity with added instability to your planks, with TRX rollouts!

Key coaching cues

  • Before you try this you must be good at extended arm planks and hollows.
  • Keep your lower back flat at all times!
  • Keep your neck neutral
  • Keep your feet shoulder width apart
  • Keep your hips tilted posteriorly – imagine trying to roll the bottom of your hips towards your ribs

Check the video out for a demo