Ten Simple Tips That Will Transform Your Health & Fitness (7/10)

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Next tip is on nutrition, specifically calories.

Everyone knows the main principle of keeping food intake balanced – burn more energy than you consume, by moving more, eating less.

Average calorie intake for men is 2500kcals/day, for women 2000kcals/day. As an exercise, just fyi, check here how many calories your body needs to function if you do not do anything at all – go lie on the couch for a day 🙂

Find out how with this BMR calculator

Understanding how much is going in vs how much is being burnt is great, monitoring calories works. Now, counting calories works too, HOWEVER it takes away the fun of eating!

How can one enjoy their food if every time they take a bite they need to check carbs/fats/proteins versus amount of steps? That’s humongous pressure! And constant guilt.

At MFF HQ we are all pro-positive habits that stick for life. Pressure and stress haven’t improved anybody’s life yet… If calorie counting works for you and doesn’t cause any obsession-bordering stress – great, keep it up!

We approach calorie monitoring slightly differently. No need for calculators, measuring cups, etc, just use your hand:

1 portion of protein = size of your palm
1 portion of veg = size of your fist
1 portion of carbs = size of your cupped hand
1 portion of fats = size of your thumb

Bigger person = bigger hands.

Women – 1 portion of each per meal, men – 2 portions.

Adjust portions depending on the goals and activity levels: trying to get leaner – drop carbs from some meals, need more energy – add protein.

And here’s a brilliant easy to use guide from Precision Nutrition, use and share with your family and friends, your calorie counter is always with you! 🙂

Download the PN Calorie Counter That’s Always With You