Leg Stretching 101

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Stretching isn’t always our top priority – let’s face it, when given the choice between lifting weights or an adductor stretch, you’ll find me elbowing my way to a barbell 🙂

But it is important – both for health, general wellbeing and feeling good, and even improving our technique. Try squatting well with tight ankles and adductors. It ain’t going to happen.

So here’s a quick video showing some essential leg stretches for ladies who lift. Which, if you’re reading this, is probably you (apart from the gents who lift and read my blog).

Hip flexor stretch we covered here, so let’s add stretches for hamstrings, adductors and your glutes (officially: piriformis but nicely stretches the whole bum).

  • The cues are in the video, here are some additional ones:
  • Remove shoes! Refers to your home AND the gym 🙂 In the vid I’m in my brand new Vivos, they are very soft, thick trainers will affect foot position.
  • Hold stretches for 30-60sec (or at least for the count of 10), repeat 2-3 times.
  • Breathe through these stretches, lean in on your exhales.
  • Do these daily. Yes, seriously. Your pins will thank you for it.

Need help with these – give me a shout!