Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 10

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A third of the way through! By now, your core should be stronger – so let’s start stepping up the intensity.

Today we have bicycles, side touches and inverted plank.

Bicycles – we are doing the non crunchy version. Prop yourself with the forearms, legs are strong, not floppy, full range of motion, draw the circle and fully extend those pins of yours. FLEX YOUR FEET and push through the feet as if your are really on a bike. This simultaneously helps to keep legs stronger and makes it harder on your abs.

Try the way

Set 1 – pointing toes
Set 2 – flexed feet
Set 3 – flexed feet backwards

Side touches – we’ve done these last week. Knees bent, feet on the ground, straighten your arms at the sides, engage your abs, lift shoulders off the floor and reach out with your arm as far as you can (at the very least to touch your ankle) then repeat on the other side and go on for 30 seconds. Keep minimum tension in your neck. Exhale on every 2nd touch, say you start on the right, so exhale on the left – short inhale on the right, short exhale on the left.

Inverted plank – start sitting on the floor, hands behind you, push up and lift your body forming a straight line from head to toe. Tight abs, tight legs, keep those hips up, no saggy bottoms.

If straight arm is difficult, try supporting yourself on your forearms. Bottom is to stay up, no dropping. Challenge yourself by lifting one foot off the ground. You can see it’s more difficult for me on the left side, fight to keep the good form or scale down. You’ll see in the 3rd set 🙂
If straight arm is difficult, try supporting yourself on your forearms. Whichever option you are going for – bottom is to stay up, no dropping!
Look directly in front of you, you neck should be continuation of your spine. I felt dizzy looking into the sky but you do it properly!