Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 9

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Hello, hello, we are onto Day 9!

And on today’s menu we’ve pushups and mermaids!

Push-ups – yep, we love them. And that’s exactly why we are practicing them – to get better!
Like I say in training sessions it’s better to do 1 in good form than 10 in rubbish form risking injuries. You know the drill – whole body solid, elbows tucked in at 45 degrees, squeeze legs and glutes, full range of motion – chest to the ground.

Remember there are several options – box pushup (tabletop position), 3/4 (kneeling) and the full one. Challenge yourself with the harder option first, if the form goes – then continue with the less difficult option.

Mermaids – to perform Mermaids stay in the side plank position. Extend the free arm then reach with it under your torso as far as you can, feel your shoulder blades opening as your back rounds, then return into the start position – open your chest and reach up.

Remember we are flat against the wall, whole body is tight, no rushing, no skipping the hard work, again focus and control. Reach underneath your torso as far as your can.

On the last set of mermaids I’ve gone for kneeling position here, if you can keep good form – go for the full one, or take the split stance (top leg goes on top and slightly forward).

Remember even if your are working off the knees in your top position you are flat against the wall fully engaged including legs and bum.

This is it, we are done for today! Keep posting your progress (see the very first email for hashtags or drop me a message) OR take pics/videos for YOUR OWN RECORD to see how far you have come!

Have a fab day!

See you tomorrow x