Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 12

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Day 12 is here!

We are repeating “Robot” planks, modifying Worms for an advanced variation and Hip to floor touches to see how these feel in comparison to last week 🙂 Let me know how these go for you!

Make sure you warm up and stretch your hamstrings.

For “Robot” planks set up the same way as for your front elbow plank just with straight arms. Remember hands are under your shoulders (not in front of you). Tighten up, squeeze legs, and go down onto your forearms, then bring yourself back up. Now, going down and up is when it is ESPECIALLY important to keep your body engaged, otherwise the hips will sag, lower back will arch and the whole form will fall apart. To help keep myself together I hold fists, some people lower themselves onto hands with palms facing each other like in a robot dance, hence the name, others can go onto forearms with palms facing the floor and still keep tension in the body – I find the last option least engaging, you choose what works for you.

Worms – start in the straight arm plank…just on one arm 🙂 make sure your arm is centred down the midline of your body. Screw your arm into the ground – rotate it towards your little finger, so if you’re on your left arm, rotate it counterclockwise, right arm clockwise. You should feel that your lats engage when you do this.

Pull your abs in and bring your hips up tiptoeing towards your hands and then back. Finish in the straight arm plank again. Keep checking on the quality of your start and finish planks.

Make sure your hips stay as level as possible. Don’t let them rock side to side when walking up and down.

Hip touches – get into front elbow plank. Keep your body tight, bring one hip to the floor WITHOUT LOSING THE FORM, return to your plank, bring the other hip to the floor. And continue. Control the movement throughout. Don’t just flop around. Fight for your positions and posture.