Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 13

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Woo Hoo! we are almost half way through the challenge.

Today we have 2 exercises to help us focus on our form in these exercises – pushups and flutter kicks

Push the pushups! Use the opportunity and practice! pushups are a great whole body strength exercise, so focus and drill the form: hands under the shoulders, elbows tucked in at 45 degrees,body creates a head to toe line, full range of motion – chest goes to the ground

Keep tension in your upper back, same as in bench press, pull the ground closer to yourself, then push the ground away.

Remember we’ve 3 options: box pushup, 3/4 pushup and full pushup. Start with the harder option, even if it’s just a few reps, give it what you have, then continue with the option you are more comfortable with.

Flutter kicks – palms up, push your midriff into the floor brasing the abs, lower the legs down and go for it – flutter!
As it gets harder you’ll need more control, keep those abs braced, stay on the ground. If you feel yourself curving – stop, rest, then continue.
Legs are strong, not floppy. Remember to breathe, concentrate on exhale as it’s helps to engage abs more.