Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 15

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Day 15 – officially half way through!

Thank you for the comments, glad you like my follow-along videos and very glad I’m not the only one who is suffering on set 3!

Keep going, Foxes, with all this attention and engagement our abs can only get better!

Today we have One Arm, One Leg Planks and the Hollows.

One Arm, One Leg Planks – same as our fave front elbow plank, just harder.

Squeeze your legs and glutes, keep the straight line between shoulders and toes, lift one arm and one foot off the floor and extend away.

I found the foot drifting away to the side too much, had to keep bringing it back, so watch out!

If feeling wobbly and hips are riding upwards, go for either one leg OR for one hand off, otherwise opposite arm & leg go off the floor and hold it.

Remember form is king, if form is going – you can bring the arm and leg down and continue holding the normal plank. Fight for good form, make yourself get better! Keep tight, keep breathing, keep your hips level!

Hollows – tight legs, tight arms, lower back stays on the floor throughout, form a little concave boat and hold it! Keep exhaling, this really engages the core. Slow,controlled, deep breathing is essential.

Keep your legs strong, keep pushing your lower back into the ground, don’t allow it to arch. Keep it flat against the ground.