Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 14

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Day 14 – two weeks of daily training! That’s virtually half way! How is it going for you, Foxes?

Is the challenge challenging or a piece of cake? Mmmmm, cake… Speaking of cakes, this is something that needs addressing, if visible abs are desired. Put it this way, not many of us are blessed with hourglass shape, which allows posterior storage, so, if you are a deskbound apple, my advise is to delegate any cakes, pastries, pastas and sandwiches to whoever doesn’t mind jeans overload…I know it is hard, but the only person who can overcome this is YOU.

Today’s workout is a summary. Choose ONE exercise we’ve done this week and do 5 sets of 30 seconds for each exercise, then finish with the cardio session.

And may I suggest that the ONE exercise you go for is the pesky pushup.

And one more thing – practice the incline version, i.e. push up off a couch, a box or even off a table – something 60cm above the ground and very sturdy.

I spotted a few people using a very wide hand position, elbows to the sides push ups have minimal abs engagement. To fix this, place a barbell onto the low rack and do our push ups off that.

  • It was much easier to get the legs and butt tense and do full range of motion with chest touching the bar
  • Abs kick in properly!

So if a narrow hand position is hard for you, practice off incline and apply the technique to 3/4 position and build up from there.

For my cardio I’ve done 3 x 1000m rowing – haven’t rowed for a while, also my calves are still aching after those stair sprints with 2 x Pure Aerobics added on top 🙂

Let me know how are you doing! Remember posting snippets of your training daily with #ImPureGymMotivated and tagging Pure Gym (IG @PureGymOfficial, FB @PureGym) can win a month free membership! Tag @meanfitfoxes to take part in the prize draw, use #TeamFox and #BeautifulStrength