Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 18

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Day 18. Cardio.

I have to admit, it is more difficult to keep up with my own challenge now that I am back to the normal working week :-/ I’d like to do the workout and post it out to you first thing in the morning, so you have the workout in place and then it’s up to you to find time and place to practice. Also this goes well with the new habit training – do it so it’s done, get it out of the way. However most mornings I train clients and there’s no time for uploading/emailing. So, I do the workout the night before. After evening sessions with clients or after the gym shifts. Last night I did my cardio after the shift. That’s after 9pm. Boy, it was hard! 😀  I did 5 sets 10 reps of the barbell squat jumps, in set 4 and 5 legs were like lead and had to stop between jumps to get any height and power. I kept thinking I should have gone for the cross trainer… and then realised that it’s actually working – I am now voluntarily choosing the hard things to practice, the things I do not want to do! OMG, it’s working, constant challenging yourself helps develop anti-shy-away reflex!!

Let me know what you’ve done for you day 18 and how did it go?

And I’ll see you tomorrow 😃