Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 19

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Day 19 – here we go! With help of the fabulous Denise we are doing Weighted Hollows, Side Touches and working on our Inverted Plank

Again our micro workout is under 6mins but when you’re doing it, each 30 seconds felt like 3 minutes!

Weighted Hollows – Hollows are hard and intense exercise in itself, check previous workouts for more details. Remember, if your back is curving and coming off the floor – relax and start again, or practice the single leg version. We’ve gone with the weighted version to make it more challenging. A light 1-2kg med ball would work well. We don’t have med balls in the gym, so we worked with what we found 🙂 At home you can try holding a pillow or a light dumbbell. Main thing – practice your Hollows!

Anyway, pointers for Hollows – exhale regularly and deeply, allowing your abs to contract, it helps to push your back into the ground. If need fold a towel under your back. Arms and legs are tense.

Side Touches – reach out to touch your ankle, purposefully extend. Exhale on every second touch. Remember to keep minimum tension in your neck.

Inverted plank – keep the shoulder to toe line. Squeeze legs, squeeze bum. Bring one leg up, then swap on the next set. We’ve done first set with both legs down, second set left leg up, third set – right leg up. To keep your legs strong point your toes or flex your feet, Denise tried both and gone for pointing 🙂 Remember to breathe and do not allow your hips to sag. If you feel holding this position is getting easier – check you are fully engaged!

So, give this workout a go, we are almost two thirds of the way through this 30 day challenge, let’s do this!