Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 21

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Day 21. Omg, we are rolling into the last week of our multifunctional challenge!

As always on the last day of the week we are practicing the least likeable exercises and adding 15mins of cardio.

If you are hitting the gym:

Choose 1 and do 3 sets of 30sec

Hang on the rig (monkey bars) – either in a chin-up position or

Incline pushups (use the bar or the steps) or floor pushups

Roman Chair leg raises


choose 1:

2000m rowing aim for 10mins

20mins cross trainer burners (google Meanfitfoxes Cross Trainer)

17mins spin drills with Max (spin room in the gym)

15mins stair mill

25mins walking on treadmill incline 7, speed 5-6

Whatever you do, make sure you do it FOR YOURSELF, engage fully, work in good form, push yourself.

If you are at home – how about challenging yourself to an outdoor workout? The weather is definitely “challenging” 😀

As you know it’s more difficult for me to post in the mornings because I’m with clients and there’s no time for processing videos/blogging. So I prepare in the evening, and tonight, got outside as per my suggestion 🙂 It was too late to head to the park, so I jogged around the block 5 times and on every circle practiced a couple of chinups. A couple was virtually 2 because my pecs, abs and also insides of my arms are very sore after the rollouts and push-ups 🙂

If there’s no playground/outdoor gym in sight – mix your jogging with push-ups and tricep dips off a bench or with stair sprints 🙂

Let me know what did you come up with. Even better – post a picture with #ImPureGymMotivated, tag Pure Gym and myself. If you are doing this, getting on with the challenge, you are most certainly motivated AND are most definitely an inspiration to others, give them a chance to follow your example!