Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 22

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Day 22! Unbelievable but true 🙂

Today we have 3 sets x 30 seconds of Slider Pikes and Swiss Ball Planks

If you are training at home instead of sliders you can use folded hand towels (will work if you’ve wooden/laminate floors), if you are in the gym – find me, I’ll lend you my sliders.

Swiss ball – at home can replace with one arm/one leg planks, in the gym – no replacements! Do it, do it!

Soooooo, pointers:

Slider Pikes – warm up your hamstrings, the aim is to have straight legs throughout the exercise. Start in the Plank position on the slide boards (or towels). Lift your hips up, maintaining a flat back, straight arms and straight legs. You should look like an upside down V. Exhale whilst performing this. At the apex, hold the position for a brief moment, then return to the start position.  When in the start position, see that the hips are not sagging, basically check your full plank is solid.

Swiss Ball Planks – the instability of the Swiss Ball makes your core fire harder and the randomness of the wobbles makes it even more challenging. So tighten up and hold that plank. Keep the head-to-toe line, abs firing, quads and glutes too, avoid leaning onto your forearms.

For an added level of core engagement ask someone to gently shake the Swiss Ball