Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 23

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Day 23 is here!

We’ve Paused Push-ups and Slider Mountain Climbers today. 30sec work 15sec rest x 3 sets

Paused Push-ups you can do one of the options – inclined (off a step/box, etc), 3/4 or a box

Slider Mountain Climbers – no options! If carpets at home and no sliders, pop in the gym, I’ll give you my sliders, and do the this day then and there 🙂 And tell me how you are feeling afterwards. I am very pleased i’ve finally managed 3 sets of push-ups, however had to roll my sore, sore quads for good 10mins… not going to comment re my abs, the whole torso is sore, not sure whether from yesterday, or from today or still from those rollouts… 😀


Push-ups: legs strong, glutes and quads firing, elbows at 45 degrees, chest to the ground. Pause for the count of five, then push the ground away. See that the bum isn’t sticking too far up in the air and hips are not sagging, avoid excessive curve in the lower back, your torso is engaged same way as in Hollows.

If you need work from 3/4 position or box position. I recommend (as tested with clients) practicing from incline position – set up the barbell on the rig! Gripping the barbell helps engage your upper body, which in turn helps engage the whole body 🙂 try it!

I have managed to do the full push-up thought the 3rd set, very happy with this, goes to show that practicing regularly really helps, week 1 I was working from 3/4, now doing paused pushups for 3 rounds 🙂

If you need help with push-up pop into the Circuit class on Saturday or just find me in the gym 🙂

Slider Mountain Climbers: start in the full plank, i.e. head to toe solid line kept throughout, legs strong, butt strong, back flat (no overarching), keep hips level at all times. Now, beware that thanks to the sliders the legs will move very fast, so control your body – keep parallel to the floor.

Sliders are such a good workout equipment, well worth investing into a pair. Excellent for core work, and work so well for travel!