Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 25

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5 days to go and today we have CAR-DI-O! No, not just cardio – it’s cardio + strength cos we’ve upped our game!

Jogging and chin-ups for me again. Even though I really dislike running (sprinting is the most I can do, hence uphills / stair sprints whenever the possibility comes along). I do have a valid excuse – my knees need to be saved for Aerobics! However, a challenge is a challenge, last time I did my rounds around the block the knees were just fine, so I decided to do some interval runs, paying attention to those glutes engaging rather than sitting into the hip on every step. Also the weather is amazing for a run! Also even 1 chin-up practiced is better than none. Here we go, that’s how I talk myself into doing it 🙂

What are you doing for today? 🙂

Suggestions for the gym:

Choose 1 and do 3 sets of 30sec:

  • Hang on the rig (monkey bars) – either in a chin-up position or
  • Incline pushups (use the bar or the steps) or floor pushups
  • Roman Chair leg raises


choose 1:

  • 2000m rowing aim for 10mins
  • 20mins cross trainer burners (google Meanfitfoxes Cross Trainer)
  • 17mins spin drills with Max (spin room in the gym)
  • 15mins stair mill
  • 25mins walking on treadmill incline 7, speed 5-6

Whatever you do, make sure you engage fully, check your form and fight to keep it!

Remember to keep posting pictures with #ImPureGymMotivated, and tag Pure Gym and myself. Keep going!