September is the new January. Time for a new start.

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We spend most of our lives starting new years in school, going back to work after holidays, getting kids ready for the new grade – all in September. September is a month of new beginnings, our chance to do what we’ve been putting off whilst in our “summer mode”. Maybe in warmer countries the “summer mode” does not exist but in the UK sunshine is precious, summer is short and must be enjoyed, anything else can wait until AFTER THE SUMMER 🙂

I’ve heard and read about the choosing a One-Word Theme for the new New Year, September to June, helping to define your route and unify your goals under one roof, what a great idea!

OK, maybe not literally one single word but it has to be short and snappy, so it is easy to remember, easy to repeat for reinforcement. Say you’ve been sighing about being unable to keep up exercising for longer than a week, thinking about that gym, checking out this class, but not actually joining in. Now it the time!

Choose your Theme. How about Hot Body? 🙂 Call it Operation Hot Body 🙂 That’s three words but hey, it’s funny! Every time you think it’s dark outside, it’s windy…Operation Hot Body will pop up in your head, tell me it does not make you smile and feel a bit more adventurous? It is a mission after all, but it’s an EXCITING mission! You will feel better, you will look better, looking better will make you feel even better!

Here is how to start.

Write down why you want to get want to start exercising and what’s most important for you – location, time, price, exercising in a group, access to equipment? Having the things that are important for you written down helps to untangle the reasons why you have been putting exercising off, and seeing what you want to achieve on paper helps find a compromise with yourself.

Perhaps you like exercising in the gym but are not sure what’s best to do? Or maybe you just need a some reassurance from a professional, who can oversee what you are doing and help choose/adjust exercises to suit you better? Being a personal trainer myself I know very well how important coaching is and how much difference it makes. I am judging not just by the clients’ progress but by my personal experience. I lift weights and no way would I want to lift on my own, not just for safety but mainly for mental support and reassurance! Perhaps to find your exercise routine you need guidance and support of a professional? No need to worry about cost too much. Most personal trainers have bundle options and allow to bring a friend along (or even two), so the cost is split but all the benefits of individual approach are enjoyed. Have a think.

Whatever is your theme for the new New Year is – GOOD LUCK! Choose it and go with it!

If it is exercise or nutrition related – we are here! Contact Meanfitfoxes for information, to book or just to chat 🙂