Sitting is worse than smoking (SERIOUSLY?)

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Yesterday when waiting for my locks to get pampered by the lovely Elbie-the-hair-wizard I’ve been asked several times why don’t I sit down, why wait standing. I didn’t have a short non-preachy answer. But I was very glad to hear those questions – it means that all the studies and training have finally hit home: I’m waiting standing and not finding it strange or uncomfortable!

I do have an issue with sitting down. Add up the hours: start driving 7am, arrive 9am, behind desk till 8pm (sometimes later), drive back home 8 to 9:20pm. That’s over 14h a day. Not going to multiply days and years. It’s bad. And I’m feeling it. And I’m seriously worried. So I’ve set off on a quest to fight it! 💪👾

Unfortunately GET MOVING is not as easy as it sounds. Sitting is ingrained and associates with rest. And the older we get the more time we are spending resting, i.e. sitting down! Jeez…

As a note – sitting is bad but worse than smoking? Nah!

Read the article (in the picture below) that’s what sitting down does. When you are 20, not a huge issue, apart from getting used to it. When you are 40 and are wondering why your back hurts, shoulder pulls, stomach bloats – well, you are FEELING the results…

I’m FEELING and not liking. Also I can see what else is heading my way unless I find a way to turn this around…I’ll wait standing, thank you very much!