Ten Simple Tips That Will Transform Your Health & Fitness (10/10)

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Cut complaining. Complain once. And don’t let others to go on and on without doing something about it either.

Explaining the issue when asking for help and advice is not complaining, provided it is followed by some action. But we all know someone who keeps talking about the same issue over and over again rejecting help, providing lists of reasons why it is not possible to solve the issue. That’s complaining for the sake of complaining and avoiding it will improve your life tremendously.

Complaining drains both the complainer and the listener. It releases stress hormones setting negativity, frustration and feeling of uselessness. Scientists say half an hour of complaining every day physically damages your brain! Why would anyone want to feel this way (or get their brain damaged!)?

Don’t make yourself miserable – see if there is anything you can do to change the situation, ask your friends for help, try find a solution, break it down into small manageable steps and act on that pesky issue, whatever it is! 🙂

But if you know you are not ready for action, then best to keep unnecessary negative emotions at bay as they will only weigh you down more. Instead of complaining, use your time for something that you enjoy: read a chapter in your favourite book, play with your dog, walk to the nearest market and buy yourself some fresh fruit! 🙂

We will never be complaint free, it’s hard to enjoy the Monday morning commute that much, but it’s how you set your mind to keep yourself happy that’s important.