The 30 Day Glute Challenge – Extended Leg Pump

In #30DayGluteChallenge by Polina

Let’s face it we all work out, if even just a little bit, to look better. And one of the top requests I get? How to build a better butt. Ahem 🙂

Now, genetics play a big part of how your shape can be, but we can all maximise what we have and these are the exercises I use all the time with my clients.

Building a better butt isn’t just about looks – our glutes are the power houses of our bodies, they help us walk, run, jump so it’s as much function as well as form!

The extended leg pump is a great way to “feel” and activate our glutes.

Start by kneeling on the ground, bringing your knees as close up to your chest as you can.
Rest on your forearms.

Your weight should be supported by your forearms and the balls of your feet. As little weight as possible should be on your knees.

Extend your left leg straight behind you and keep your hips as level as possible.

Keeping your left knee as straight as possible, pump your left leg up and down for 8 – 12 reps. Hold the top position for a 3 count if you really want a challenge.

Repeat with the other leg and aim for 2 – 3 sets.

Finally, permit me a little social media rant. I’m getting grumpier nowadays 🙂

Forget all the butt shots you see on Instagram. They’re all perfectly posed, lit and shot. Stand with your leg extended and look over your shoulder, hello, enhanced booty selfie time! Some people (Kim K cough, cough) allegedly have implants! It’s really all a bit, well, crazy – learn to be comfortable in your own skin, feel proud of your achievements – not the approval of others and remember that being fit and healthy is something you want for all your life.