How To Create Your Good, Healthy Meals

In Nutrition by Polina

Food prep is one of the hardest things to arrange, according to my clients, so, being the uber helpful PT (and a strict Fox expecting follow-throughs ;)), I’ve decided to share a couple of infographics that help make things easier.

The first one is how to create the perfect meal. Let’s not get stuck on the P-word 🙂  There’s a lot of confusing information, and finding and following recipes can become a chore in itself, so just follow this chart instead – simplify your cooking, simplify your life!

The second one is how to meal prep. Simple straightforward, even Mr. Fox can follow this one! 🙂

And here is how to measure portions and some extra info on phytonutrients and how to get them into your meals. #youarewelcome 🙂