The 30 Day Glute Challenge – Let’s Build Your Bum ;)

In #30DayGluteChallenge by Polina

Recently, I got asked by someone in the gym about, to put it delicately, how to build a better looking bum 🙂

And let’s face it foxes, it’s pretty high on the list of things we all want to work on and improve.

I’m writing a 30 day programme to help you enhance that most important of areas…

I usually start clients off with hip thrusts but recently I’ve been experimenting with a nice exercise called the frog pump.

Quite simple, start off in a hip bridge position and open up your hips by dropping your knees to your sides.

From that position, brace your core and squeeze your butt cheeks, then lift your hips off the ground.

By opening up your hips you target the glute medius – the side of your bum, which helps build a rounder butt!

Start off doing this with bodyweight and perform 20 reps in 2 or 3 sets. Practice this 3 times a week, you can bolt this onto the end of your usual workout!