The Hollow Position

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Now we’re talking abs – this is a surprising exercise that will give you rock hard abs. And you get to do it whilst lying down. The Hollow Position teaches you how to contract your abs further and resist the weight of your arms and legs. It also teaches you how to contract your abs whilst exhaling which increases how hard they work. Fantastic 🙂

  • Start off lying on your back with your arms extended overhead and legs straight on the ground.
  • Exhale by pulling your belly button in towards your spine and lift your legs off the ground about six, eight inches
  • Raise your arms by about the same amount
  • Always, ALWAYS keep you lower back pressed in firmly to the ground
  • Exhale fully, then breathe in and lower your arms and legs with control.
  • Repeat for five, six reps.

This is a hard exercise when done properly. If you have any blood pressure issues or get dizzy easily, be very careful and check with your doctor before you do this.