The many sides of mindfulness

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Mindfulness is not just meditation. It is not just inner peace, compassion and positivity.

Mindfulness is also concentration and understanding why you are doing what you are doing, making conscious choices that help you along the way.

Exercising but not seeing any results – are you putting mental effort into each exercise? Is your technique correct? A one-leg deadlift looks cool but are you actually engaging your body or just going through the motions?

30mins on a treadmill is commendable but are you concentrating on your running form? Ensuring your foot strikes correctly, your breathing matches your movement? Never be scared to ask for help. Ask one of the gym instructors to correct your technique or invest in a several sessions with a PT.

Looking to lose a few kilos – think before eating “just one biscuit”, how does this one biscuit help you? (It probably doesn’t)

Are you feeling hungry? If you are, eat something that will fill you up. Does eating this make you happy and for how long? That’s okay too, just as long as you don’t feel guilty about it. Are you eating it just because it’s there? Get rid of the biscuits and replace them with some healthier snacks.

Struggling with motivation – look at the bigger picture, what is important for you? Then break it down into smallest easiest steps that take little effort. The easier the steps are, the less inclined you will be to skip them. Say you’ve a study book to get through – looks daunting, but reading just a page at a time is more than achievable and the likelihood is you’ll read more than just one page! Thinking about finally going jogging but there are always other things to do? How about just putting your trainers on and walking in them indoors, as silly as it may sound, the next thing you know you will find yourself walking outside!

Here’s a great link on where and how to start.

Be mindful – use your mind 🙂