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Hello foxy foxes, hope you are having a good week! As some of you know, I have been off for a few days, thanks to Mr Fox, to celebrate my entering middle age 🙂 Well, I’m back now!

Done some thinking and digging, like we tend to do end of ANY year, and I have to say: no doubt, this has been the toughest year to date for me, but at the same time the most exciting and fulfilling! The time has definitely sped up, which is pretty scary, no, I do not have it sussed, however, in comparison to July last year I feel… FREE! Not much scares me nowadays. Perhaps I have finally learned to distinguish between the comfort zone, excitement, stress, fear. Age does bring confidence after all. And so does the weight training! 😀

Here are the 10 things I used to doubt, well, I’ve no doubts anymore. Yes, these can be called cliches; we’ve spoken about cliches before – chiches are obvious truths, repeated so many times, that no one cares for the meaning anymore. The older I am, the more I notice that “grandma was right” on more occasions than expected. But hey, thanks to Wisdom Quotes cliches are having a renaissance time now, perhaps my tried-and-tested mix can be helpful:

  • Know what YOU want and respect how YOU feel. Make your choices accordingly.
  • Later never comes. Every time you delay doing something, whatever the reasons are, the likelihood is you will NOT do it. It will just hang behind you, holding you back, adding pressure and stress. When you look back, do you want to see what you’ve done, or what you haven’t done?
  • There’s nothing embarrassing in not knowing something, in learning, in wanting to get better. Whatever age you are.
  • Always be honest with yourself. Deep inside you do know what you are doing right/wrong, dress it up as well as you want for others but YOU KNOW the truth.
  • Whether you are successful or not stay sincere. And limit your time with people, who are not open with you.
  • Push yourself to do whatever it is you are “not good” at. That’s development.
  • All you can do it your best. And YOU know what is your best.
  • Do not expect anything from ANYONE. We are all different and have different sides and timings. Less judgement.
  • No sleep is NOT cool!
  • Your health and time are not to be wasted.

Here we go, that’s my foxy-wisdoms for you. Feel free to argue 🙂

P.S. photo below is me with Koffmann’s world-famous pistachio souffle. No filter. Apologies for the flash on the plate 🙂 Yes, I do eat desserts, especially if they taste like this 🙂