Why I hate the D-word (and so should you)

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Everyone knows that word DIET means our daily eating schedule, yet this word is used predominantly for some sort of restrictive plans that are meant to help lose certain amount of weight within certain amount of time. 5kg a week, 2lb a day, etc, etc…

I recall my mum resorting to some “Far East Diet” before holidays, as far as I remember that diet was a week long and consisted of tiny rye bread and cheese sarnies with loads of coffee and an occasional kefir. Not sure where the name came from. Far East countries aren’t exactly known for their cheeses. Anyway, I also recall my mum saying this diet used to work like magic but does not anymore. Do not know whether it “stopped working” because mum (understandably) could not stick to it for long enough or because by then she was trying to shift too many pounds.

The point is there’s NO MAGIC.  Quick diets DO NOT WORK. They are a shock to your body and a huge stress for your mind. Why would you even want to try the crazy thing magazines suggest? Yes, if you can stick to cabbage soup for 5 days in a row, you will see a result, but what about after these 5 days?

Surely the whole point is in being in a good shape all the time?

There are no quick tricks. The answer is in eating healthily and keeping active daily, ALWAYS. And the trick is knowing what healthy and active means. Many people are convinced their eating habits are great and they walk 10 mins to and from work, so the national requirement is fulfilled – yet they are clearly overweight and nothing is changing. In most cases the reason is simple – the healthy food is not all that healthy when you look at it closely plus they are consuming way more than they need.

Also most of us are much stronger than we think we are, and 10mins walk is simply not enough of a challenge for the body to keep the balance. Sure it’s better than no walk at all, but to keep energy in/out balance vast majority of people needs to be on their feet for most of the day. Or their exercise needs to be VIGOROUS.

I am ranting because I can understand how frustrating it get for people trying to work it out what to eat and what do, and headlines like “Lose 10lb in 3 days” or “Get flat stomach in a week” really set me off :/ Probably, like most newly qualified fitness professionals, I get horrified by the amount of confusing and incorrectly presented information in the media, and would like to see clear advice on nutrition and consistent ENCOURAGEMENT to exercise, rather than loud headlines, quick-cuts and ads for magic pills…

Basically, if you want sustainable long-term results, if you want to be able to have your pudding when you want it and no worry about it – forget celebrity diets. Just review what you eat HONESTLY and get moving.

Two things work for sure and long-term:

Eat more greens – they fill you up and reduce your sugar cravings, so you eat less and eat less crap. Sugar is not just sweets, it’s crisps, chips, crackers, all the snacky stuff.

Exercise with power – getting out of breath, sweating, etc mean that your body is working and energy is being spent. That’s what gives results. Relax, get your breath back, then give it a go again.

Rant over, love you and leave you with a great read on things that are scientifically proven to work for weight loss, click some of those blue links they have!