Diversity Into Kitchenettes! :)

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I’m very lucky – Mr Fox loves cooking! Okay, he loves eating more than cooking, and he does not like tedious tasks like peeling, chopping and, god forbid, washing up, but he actually does possess that curiosity to different cooking methods and flavour combinations has turns a cook into a chef.

I, on the other hand, have hardly any creativity food-wise. I just like eating because then I’m not hangry 🙂 Coming up with new combos is not my thing, hence constant blog-browsing in search of easy to follow new dishes. Luckily, I enjoy grafting, so we make a good team – an inspired creative chef and a boring sous-chef doubling up as a dishwasher 🙂

Why inspiration when cooking is important? Correct, it’s FUN! But mainly to get VARIETY of foods into our diet. We need variety to keep getting different nutrients and to keep our gut bacteria as diverse as possible.

If you are like me and, when left to your own devices, struggle to come up with variable, interesting dishes, here’s a great cheat-sheet from the almighty Precision Nutrition helping with everything – flavours, combos, portion sizes. Download. Print it. Use it. Share it. Enjoy variety! #youarewelcome :-*