The Importance Of Being Honest (with Yourself)

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We all struggle with motivation. No exception. It’s not just exercise – all sorts of things: work, studies, socialising… Being middle-aged (OMG!) I am quite wary of the inevitable changes that all of us will have to encounter sooner or later, and I am determined not to let those changes to change me, if you know what it mean 🙂

Health is of the utmost importance, of course. Being uncomfortable, those dull aches, affects everything from your look to your outlook.

OK, we are unable to change our genetics and reverse time but it is our responsibility to ourselves to keep ourselves in as good condition as possible. And eating well and keeping physically active, exercising, are a part of normal regular maintenance – both are so important.

You cannot expect to function well on junk food, with no sleep and with muscle atrophy. For some time – yes but not forever. Blame whatever circumstances, it is not going to change the facts: your body needs looking after and only you can do it. Yes, the work is constant. But the good thing is that benefits are immense, fulfilling and fun!

Here’s an article about Ms Ernestine Shepherd, who got into the bodybuilding at the tender age of 56 (!) and has celebrated her 80th last week. We are not talking “become a fitness model” here, this is about inspiration, determination and application, i.e. consistent moving forward. Move and the way will open.

My reason for this post’s headline is this: deep inside we know what is it that we aren’t doing and what would improve our lives tremendously, and the first and the most difficult step is admitting it to yourself. Because once YOU KNOW it you cannot hide it anymore, you have to find a way to deal with it. And, my dear foxes, I suggest we get honest and open with ourselves sooner rather than later. We do not any regrets for missed opportunities and wasted time later on, do we? 🙂