Hello New Year! Things to leave behind you

In Health, Motivation by Polina

Hello Foxes, Happy New Year!

What a year 2018 has been! Probably the most fun and fast flying year yet!

Whether you love your to-do lists or are staying away from them, one  thing we all have learnt the importance of and will be taking along into 2019 for further development is mindfulness. Noting what are we doing and why and understanding connections with how we feel helps to find that elusive balance of healthy body and mind, and a happy, fulfilled soul.

So mindfulness comes along to 2019.

And here are a few things to leave behind:

Going to bed at midnight (or later) and thinking that’s normal, that’s the way you are.

Owl, stark – does not matter, if you are to be at work for 8 or 9am and it involves any sort of commute, to be ready for work you will be getting up at 6-7am and going to bed at midnight does not leave enough time for you to sleep. The busier you are at work/studies, the busier your social life is, the more you train – the more time you need to restore.

A clear demonstration is when you start catching colds every few weeks. Yes, viruses are around, but first question to ask is whether your regime accommodates all your activities plus recovery time?

Eating till you are splitting.

Our lifestyles do not support this any longer. Learn to distinguish between feeling hungry and feeling you need something to eat because it’s difficult focus, you lunch wasn’t nutritious and you need energy, you are used to grazing, you are thirsty but do not realise it, you are stressed, tired…

Plan to have the food the works for you to be easily available. Always. Including trips.

Also learn to stop eating when you are no longer hungry.

Quick check – are you hungry and would it a bowl of veggies with some chicken now? If the answer is no – it’s your appetite, not hunger 🙂

Waiting for the perfect time to eat well, train, sort things… then agonising with guilt of not getting results

The roads will always be dusty/noisy to walk or run. There will always be rain, sun, wind, grey days, holidays. Colleagues in the offices will always have different snack agenda to yours. All or nothing – is another way to let ourselves sit in wait for someone else to take responsibility for our actions. Yes, supportive environment is hugely important, however it is still you who ultimately makes choices and takes actions. So start recognising that every choice is yours and make your choices work for you.