Challenge 1 – January – workout

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After the long festive December let’s see what we can achieve training-wise in the first month of the year!

Whether you are starting your fitness journey or have your workout schedule in place and are looking for a boost here is an workout that’s super easy to follow and works on all the levels we might be looking to hit. Will there be changes in your body – yes, provided you keep consistent in your training and your food matches as well. Is the body change the main goal – no, then main goal is to build a habit of keeping active and training with focus regularly, so bit by bit exercise finally stops being a chore.

You all know, I am not a supporter of miracle workouts, and what I am suggesting is short and doable not because it’s a magic pill but because it’s easy to implement on ANY day of the week. Taking this on as a challenge and recording/sharing your results with #TeamFox on social media will help to get through the month, bad weather or someone’s birthday in the office – we are following through!  I have done this last year in the 30 days abs challenge and as hard as it was, considering some days I had virtually not enough hours between the gym shifts and clients to record the video, it did help a lot with discipline, strengthened my core and abs, and my pushups finally got solid!

3 days a week – rowing 2k – set the wheel onto 4-5 resistance, choose 2k from the menu (standard, distance) and focus on technique!

There are 2 phases to rowing:

The Drive – the push with your legs. The sequence for the Drive is Legs – Body – Arms.

The Recovery – you move back to the start position. And the sequence here is Arms – Body – Legs.

So the whole move goes: Legs – Body – Arms – Arms – Body – Legs

Focus on your legs – 60% of the power comes from the legs, 30% is your body – it is crucial to maintain good core stability, basically sit tall, keep your core engaged, and 10% of the motion comes from your arms.

Practice rowing as above and record your stats for each session: time, average watts and average speed – can take photos of display.

***A tip: maintaining power output is more important than speeding.

3 days a week – push-ups 3 sets x 10reps 

Here are the tips and video for pushups, which were a part of the abs challenge. They repeat on other days, if you want to look through. Took several weeks to get to do full pushups, when in the gym I recommend practicing incline pushups, training at home – 3/4 pushups. Either way – focus on technique!

Proficient with your pushups – here are some nice variations to practice.


If you are working on your chin-ups (pullups) – practice 3-5 sets on all days – rowing days and push up days.

Get in touch to join #TeamFox and do this challenge together. Ditto if any questions or need help with technique 🙂