Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 8

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Decided to skip using the week number – I was getting confused πŸ™‚ so today is day 8 of our 30 day challenge!

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Today we have shoulder taps, leg tucks and band resisted hollows.

Plank – as always keep that toe-to-head line, hips not sagging and not up in the air.

Keep your body solid, minimise the movement when transferring weight from left to right, the only movement really is the arm touching the shoulder.

Go at your speed. If need drop on the knees continue from 3/4 position or just hold the plank

Squeeze legs. Hold yourself. Keep your body light and controlled, not all weight going on your arms.

Leg tucks – tense strong legs is half the battle here. Extend properly, pause for a split second. Find your balance and go lower.

Remember your abs are working when your legs are extended, don’t skip this bit, fight the gravity, engage fully.

Again, if need slow down but keep working on that extension, control your legs.

Hollows – use a pilates band or a physio band. If you haven’t a band just hold your arms above your head. Main thing here is to keep your back on the ground. As soon as you begin to curve in the lower back – stop, recompose yourself and then continue. You’ll see me stopping several times in the third set. If 2 legs aren’t happening, alternate your legs like in the dead bugs we’ve done last week.

Pull the band with your arms it will help create that tension we keep talking about. Or if you aren’t using the band tighten up your extended arms.

Really focus on pushing your back into the ground, exhale fully so there’s no air left, and keep pulling the band. Arms straight just keep your elbows soft. As you can see I couldn’t hold it anymore had to rest and can see well where in pushing in the ground and where not.