Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge, Week 1, Day 2

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Week 1, day 2 of the abs challenge and we add the dreaded push-up 🙂

Dead Bug – Side Touches – Pushups
30 seconds each, 3 sets

Follow along as I do the workout in real time or do it yourself. Practice each move for 30 seconds. Repeat whole sequence twice more for a total of 3 sets.

Dead Bug – To perform the Dead Bug, make sure your lower back is pressed firmly into the ground. Exhale fully as you lower your right arm and left leg. Brace your core – imagine someone is about to tickle you and tighten all your muscles up as hard as you can. Extend and retract with control. Keep your neck relaxed. You might want to rest your head on a pillow or rolled up towel for support. Keep it slow – deep inhale, full slow exhale, keep pressing your low back into the ground!

Side Touch – bend your knees and place feet on the ground (knees bent), lower back is on the ground, straighten your arms at the sides, engage your abs and lift shoulders off the floor. Reach out with your arm to touch your ankle, keep touching alternating sides. Keep minimum tension in your neck. And remember to breath! Small exhales on every second touch.

Pushups – 3 options: box pushup (tabletop position), 3/4 pushup (off your knees), full pushup. I’ve gone for the 3/4 pushups – keep the whole torso tight, avoid excessive curving in your lower back, aim to touch your chest to the ground, not your belly. To get a full benefit keep elbows at 45 degrees to the body (not looking to the sides).
Here’s my article with details of box pushup and full pushup.

Let me know how it goes, foxes!

We are doing it! 😀