Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge, Week 1, Day 3

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Woohoo! Day 3! (and recorded audio in a coffee shop so excuse the background noise and Mr. Fox chewing food loudly…)

Today we’ve Step Out Planks and Side Planks with Hip Pop (not hip-hop but this is giving me ideas…)
3 sets 30 seconds each

Step Out Plank
Set up as for the front elbow plank, tighten your upper back, abs, thighs and bum and step with one leg to the side, then with another, then bring the first leg back to the middle, then the other leg. And continue for 30 seconds. Without bum going up into the air. Without hips sagging.
It is easier to engage your legs in this exercise – to step out you need your leg strong, so you’ll engage automatically. However it’s not easy to avoid hips sagging 🙂
If need – slow down the steps OR just hold the plank.

Keep control!
Squeeze butt! 🙂

Side Plank with Hip Pop

Adopt the side plank position. Maintain that nice, long line in your body and, under control, lower then lift your hips into line.
I find holding holding my arm up helps with alignment and engagement, keep it by your ear or place on your hip, if it’s easier for you.
Variations are split legs (bring the top leg over) and working off the knees (both legs bent).
My 3rd set was off the knees as I could feel the form is going 🙂
The body is to stay in straight line and move up/down without twisting in any of the options 🙂