My eating plan, Part 2

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Some people prefer to change BIG, jump straight it, others like to start small, test the water. It seems I’m in the latter category. For starters big change = bigger pressure before you even start, bigger responsibility and fear of failure.  To me making small changes is much easier as small things are virtually ALWAYS DOABLE, you feel good for succeeding and for being good, which in turn encourages to take further steps and feel good again, and without realising it you reach the point when making right choices does not require taking decisions, it’s has become a habit! But that’s just me, different people different approaches 🙂

Anyway, “going low carb” was much much easier than I thought. Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes are gone, replaced by kale, spinach, courgettes, avocados. Oats for breakfast instead of sarnies. That’s it.

Again, I cannot say I’m on a low-carb diet – I am not following any plans, not counting calories, etc… I’m just wilting spinach instead of cooking rice 🙂 Weather helps, of course, had it been winter probs would crave something heavier, but there also lentils, beans, all that stuff to work with 🙂

The weird thing is that since making this change not only I feel fuller during the day and lighter at night (late dinners are still an issue but lighter choices and not feeling hungry balances it out), but I do not crave sweets or snacks anymore! Of course, I “knew” about it, meaning heard/read in articles, but did not expect it to be true.  Everyone knows of my chocolate addiction, a month ago the middle of my office desk would have a dark choc block and choc chip biscuits for tea, nowadays there’s nothing and no need!

Cannot say much weight-wise – I am not looking to lose kilograms, my weight stays pretty much the same most of the time, but I can definitely see a change in inches though, people have noticed and commented 🙂

Overall I’m surprised and pretty chuffed. Would recommend 🙂 Small steps, big changes! #onwardandupward