Ten Simple Tips That Will Transform Your Health & Fitness (3/10)

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In this tip we’ll talk a bit about sleep. My new favourite thing.

Recently, I’ve read a lot about how important sleep is and it’s quite scary how easy a bad night can affect our health and wellbeing. Just losing an hour a night on a regular basis can increase insulin resistance, obesity and risk of heart problems. If you’re getting less than six hours a night you might even suffer from “microsleep” – instances where your brain falls asleep when you’re awake, especially dangerous when driving.

One of the things that new scientific opinion thinks really impacts sleep is blue light. Blue light comes from light emitting screens, such as smartphones tablets and computers.

So the simple tip for today (or tonight, more accurately) is to stop using your phone or tablet a couple hours before bedtime. Even better, leave it charging overnight out of the bedroom as well. This way you won’t get tempted to post that latest Facebook update 🙂

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