Ten Simple Tips That Will Transform Your Health & Fitness (8/10)

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Get your 10mins a day. 10mins of exercise that is.

“Later” never comes, meanwhile how often do you feel sluggish or stiff throughout the day? There are many reasons for getting the slump, but unless it is related to a diagnosed illness & requires medical attention, the quickest way to switch your body & brain on is to boost circulation and get some oxygen.

Here are 6 anti-slump exercises, between exercises rest for 30sec or to get a boost of endorfin do 30sec of Jumping Jacks instead!

I suggest doing these first thing in the morning to set the day but any time is good!

PS. Do the 10mins twice a day and you’ll hit the NHS recommended 150mins/week. How easy is that?
PPS. For short exercise videos go to the Meanfitfoxes YouTube channel 🙂 No pics of the first exercise for obvious reasons 🙂
40 Arm Circles (each arm 10 back/10 front) – keep your core strong, body is stable, this will allow to keep good tempo for each circle.
40 Hip Circles (each hip 10 back/10 front) – same as above.

hip circles

30 Upper Body Circles (15 per side) – breath!

30 Knee Raises (left+right knee = 1 raise) – core strong, arms strong, I find arms v-shape up help with keeping back straight and chest open. Raise knees as high as they go.

20 Spinal Waves – again breath! Open chest as much as possible, then round your back opening shoulder blades.

20 Overhead Squats (with a medicine ball, or a dumbbell, or a handbag!) – chest up, arms straight, push hips back as if getting down to sit on a low chair but not allowed to touch the handles, go as low as you can keeping knees aligned with hips (keep pushing knees away from each other, this way they will not close in).

Keep active, keeeeeep moving! 🙂